The process of creating 3D models for 'Deep Rift 9'™

The process of creating 3D models for 'Deep Rift 9'™

My name is Nikolai and I'm an intern at Norsedale working on 'Deep Rift 9'. I'd like to show you how I work when I create the 3D-models for the game.

Basically my task is to make cool creatures for 'Deep Rift 9'™. Creatures that look like they could actually exist on a foreign planet far from Earth. We are going for semi-reality here :)

I usually start with a design our concept artist or another member of the team has come up with either in detail or as simple drawing. Sometimes we have texts describing a troop type or and alien but with the wildlife on the planet we usually have much more design freedom and the alien wildlife come to life in the hands of a few creative people on the team. 

I begin by blocking a base in ZBrush, and then gradually iterate and refine the 3D model until the model resembles the concept art.

Then I complete the high poly mesh in Zbrush, and send it to 3dsMax where I retopologize the mesh, so it's optimized for Unity.

I unwrap the model so I can paint textures for it. Coming up with good textures can be difficult, creative and rewarding all at the same time. Its a whole subject in itself to master texturing.

When my work on the model is done and it has been approved by the producers I deliver the model to our animators to be rigged and animated.

One model can easily take 2 to 4 weeks of work from the initial concept to the finished 3D model. Its a lot of work but its so much fun and I love it. I hope you will enjoy them too.