The story behind Deep Rift 9™

You are about to play a game we, a group of indie game developers thought up many years ago and through sheer will and determination kept working on and saw come to life even though we had many struggles along the way. We love strategy games in this genre and we kept going because we simply think this game will one day become the most enjoyable strategy game on the market. Here is our story...

Good ideas

Basically the idea for 'Deep Rift 9'™ came up during 2010. At that time we were only two Danish guys working on the game in our spare time. We were colleagues at work and spent the evenings at the office developing the strategy game we always wanted to play ourselves.

We put in lots of hours every week for more than a year and had the pleasure of getting a helping hand from Microsoft Bizz Spark, a support program for indie developers that basically gave us free access to Microsoft software for a couple of years onwards. At this time we were developing the game in Silverlight but the task was way to big for only two people. We needed help.

In 2012 we were joined by two Italian developers and we all worked evenings and weekends to create our unique strategy game that would offer our players loads of things to do for casual gamers as well as dedicated players. With Skype meetings once or twice a week this was both a fun time and so time consuming as well, and for some team members it was slowly becoming a problem to have family time and work on the game at the same time.

The crowdfunding campaign

During 2013 we tried to launch a crowdfunding campaign but was overwhelmed by the amount of time we had to use on running it - time that was deprived from developing our dream. We worked 6 month just to prepare the campaign as well as spent as much time we could during the actual 30 day Kickstarter campaign period. Unfortunately we didn't make the minimum requirements on Kickstarter and therefore didn't get any money. We did however produce a video that would later prove important for what you are about to play today. Ill get back to that.

Choosing the wrong development tool

We developed the game in Microsoft Silverlight at that time but one and a half year after we became part of the Bizz Spark program Microsoft announced that they would no longer update Silverlight but instead fokus on HTML5 and we were kind of stranded with all our code, enormous amounts of man hours put into a code language that was about to be extinct and it was a major blow to the team morale.

In just a few months a couple of team members left the team to spend time with their families instead and the rest of us struggled to keep the morale high and look for alternatives. We decided to rebuild the game in HTML5. Simply starting from scratch. It was a though decision and even though we put in a lots of man hours we seemed to be stranded only slowly getting things done.

An all time low - and a new beginning

It was only 5 - 6 month into that development that the last developers had to withdraw for different reasons. At this time though we had the positive experience of being noticed by some investors - business angels - that had seen the crowdfunding video on Kickstarter and was interested in supporting the development of Deep Rift 9 with some smaller investments.

During the winter of 2016 we tried different approaches to build up a new team. First with junior developers which unfortunately did not have enough experience with such a daunting task as we were throwing at them. Later we tried to set up a deal with a company of developers that would develop the game fand getting a share of our company. That deal was cancelled and we seemed to be stranded with a great idea for a game and no way of developing it.

The right people for the right job!

Then, in the may 2016 we found our guy. A very experienced senior developer called Niels was interested in working with us. He had already produced two games in our category and was a Unity expert. In one month he produced in Unity what our initial team of five produced in one and a half year using Silverlight. Using code from his other games and working day and night he created the basic engine for 'Deep Rift 9'™ and we were finally seeing 'Deep Rift 9' come to life.

During this time we also recieved more than € 90.000 in investments from new investors and in spite of people saying we couldn't produce such a big game with so little money that is exactly what we have done. Through sheer determination and the right people for the right job.

We have had the pleasure of hooking up with a danish school for 3D artists - Grenaa 3D Colleague, and have been joined by some very talented and dedicated animators and 3D modellers. Today we are a team of 9 creative, humorous, dedicated and positive team members working on 'Deep Rift 9'. 

Join, play and share your ideas with us

This is our story in short. Its our dream, sweat and determination you are about to play and we know that we have lots to learn, especially from you as a player. What we can promise you is that we will listen to all your ideas, wishes and complaints so that together with you - the players, we can make a game that will stand out in time.

We are still a small team and we don't have the money big gaming companies have, but if you are as patient as we are we will reach our goals in time. Nothing is stopping our dream.

Join our forum and follow our posts here and on Facebook - and most importantly...share our dream and lets make 'Deep Rift 9' come to life.

Happy gaming!

What is a pre-alfa?

This version of 'Deep Rift 9'™ is in a very early stage of its development. We the developers are still deciding on what features the game should have at this stage of software development.

So why make it public?

We like to invite dedicated strategy gamers to join us and have them share their ideas with us meanwhile they test the game for bugs and errors and prepare the game for the alpha release some time im the near future.

During this period we hope that people that dream of creating games themselves but lack a development team might play the game with us and use the forum to give feedback as to what could be changed and what works as it is. This way we create the game together.

This stage comes before the alpha version, and is the first software development stage given to a program.

What can I expect from the game i the future?

As of now only the most basic features has been developed and we have so much more in store for the players. We know that players love to have lots of activities to attend and we have some unique features for those of you who like to spend time socialising, developing, crafting and writing. So far we plan to ad the following.

  • A tutorial to bring players into the game with ease
  • Player written quests with highscores for best authors
  • An extended alliance system
  • Up to 16 highscore with weekly prizes
  • A research system to further upgrade troops and abilities
  • A hauler transport ship for weekly trade
  • A planet bazaar
  • A crafting system 
  • More visual content on the player map
  • Effects on production from weather and wildlife 
  • Group attacks
  • The player design of the dreaded Sentinel Minotaur battle drone

     And much more to be revealed later.

There is so much to look forward to and we hope you stick around to see it all come to life over time and help build, test and design the game through your input and our hard work.



How to play

How does the user interface work?

Basically players has three panels at their disposal.


Top Panel

This panel shows you how much money are at your disposal, what achievements you have accomplished, your current level and player points, your different high scores, available quests and your alliance stats.


Left panel

Keep an eye on each of your bases using the left panel. In the top you can use the arrows to choose the base you want to upgrade or buy troops for, you can see what each base produces, how much resources are in stock and go through the different stats to make sure your base does not have a negative production or lacks food or energy for the troops and defenses protecting the base.


Right panel

In the right panel you can keep an eye on all things being upgraded, produced and purchased as well as who among your friends are online. The menu lets you collapse the main headlines if you only want to focus on specific subjects. A light will flash in the headline if there is any activity in that subject.


How can I check the consumption rate on a bases?

All your troops, buildings and defense measures consume food, energy or both. Make sure you keep an eye on every base and balance the production rate against the consumption otherwise troops will die and you will be left defenseless.

Luckily every base has a 'Consumption Overview Screen'. Click the small button with the resource wagon on it and the menu opens. You will see a number of categories and their consumption rate listed per hour. If the 'Available resources/hour' shows a number that has a plus sign in front and the two vertical bars are green, then your base produces more food or energy than it spends. That's how a healthy base looks like.

If your number is negative and written in red as well as has red bars next to food or energy, then you need to release and send home some of your hired soldiers and possible reduce the number of defenses. Look for 'How do I delete troops and defenses' in the FAQ.

The sub menu in the Consumption Overview Screen' shows a resumè of every base you own which might come in handy as your mining empire expands.



How do I delete troops and defenses

So your troops are eating too much and you need to set some free to have that positive resource production again. Fear not - its easy.

Simply go to the 'Troop Purchase' menu and click the white release sign next to the current number of troops. Once you click it a menu will appear asking you how many troops to release from their contracts with you - or in other words how many to delete.

The same principle goes for defense measures by the way.




How do I spy, move, attack, send backup and send resources?

In order to do anything concerning movement you need to click on a target on the map. A target can be a ruin, another player base, your own player base or an empty area on the map that is NOT water or mountain.

Immediately after clicking a target a menu pops up on your screen. We call it The Picker. 

The Picker shows you the name of the area, ruin or base as well as any bonuses or other info you have acquired by spying on the area.

If you click the little cog in the top right of The Picker you get your movement options as well as the option to send a mail to someone or rename the chosen area or city (if you have the right to do so).

Movement is easy but there is a few things to note before you start moving troops and resources around.

- Sending spy drones is essential to get information before an attack. Spy drones can attack spy drones so if you spy on a base that also has drones you might end up loosing all your drones or at least not get all the info you would have liked. Be sure to produce loads of drones for information gathering and counter espionage.

- Movement has a price. It is NOT cheap to move troops and resources. There are little tools in the movement menus that shows you the final cost to move troops before you send them away on missions. 

- Sending your troops to back up foreign bases held by you or a friendly neighbour can be quite important to stand up to an enemy corporation or alien invasion. You should know that troops eat food and use energy in the base they are stationed in. If they are attacked while backing up a base you will be notified about the attack through your battle reports. You should also know that attacking a base where you accidentally sent backup a few days before will result in the troops inside the base to fight for the base against your incoming troops. The troops are hired hands and will follow their orders blindly.





What are ruins?

Ruins are your way of getting that little upper hand that might bring you in the lead. Each ruin has either one, two or three bonuses that can be added to your bases. You can get bonuses to production, defense, movement speed, production and many more but you have to fight for it.

The ruins were left on the planet when the Alien Federation of Planets left some 60 years ago and with a little love and care they can be brought back to life. You can hook up up to three ruins to each base. The only thing you need to do is to remove the current owners of the ruin and then using the Connect button in your report to add the ruin to the Base that is currently active.

Wildlife, aliens and other players might already be controlling the ruin so you need to send spy drones to investigate and then launch enough attacks to clear the area of hostiles. Once you have taken a ruin you can post troops there to protect is. These troops will draw on food and energy from the base they can from.

Happy ruin hunting.

Adding friends

If you are the type that likes to have friends and wants to keep an eye on when they are online then click one such friend on your map and add them to your friends list using the accordion in the right menu using the + sign. You can use the eye to either show yourself to be online or offline if you want privacy.



Skills boost your three types of troops- light, medium and heavy. It is essential to upgrade your weapons and troop gear to make the troops tougher that all your enemies. Each skill has 10 leves.